6 lighting ideas to transform your wedding venue

Lighting is important in any situation – without it we wouldn’t be able to see!

But at weddings it is much more than just being able to see, it helps sets scene and tone for the whole day.  And when used creatively in the right way, it can turn the dullest of wedding venues into visually stunning spaces.

Here are our top 6 lighting effect ideas to transform your wedding venue.

1. Mood lighting

Mood lighting (often known as uplighting) is an extremely effective way of transforming your wedding venue, giving it some colour, and setting the mood!  Most modern mood lighting fixtures are now battery powered, wireless and use LEDs.  This means no more ugly cables around the outside of function rooms!  It also means the lights do not get hot so they are safe to place anywhere around venues.

The creative ways in which mood lighting can be used is limited only to one’s imagination.  Typically they are placed around a room, often symmetrically, and where possible highlighting key features of a room.  Pillars and wooden beams are perfect examples and look fantastic when all lit up.

It is common for the colour of the mood lighting be set to match your wedding’s colour theme, which is a great idea for during the day and early evening.  But if they are manually controlled by a wedding DJ this opens up even more potions to be creative.

For example, they can:

  • Be set to more than just one colour
  • Change to another colour for a different point in the evening – e.g for your grand entrance or first dance
  • Slowly fade from one colour to another
  • Flash and change colour in time with the music
  • Be dimmed or brightened
  • Strobe!

Along with other lighting effects they are an excellent addition for the evening reception disco.  Out of all the added extras we provide for weddings we believe mood lighting offers the best value for the difference they can make.

2. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a very popular lighting effect at weddings these days.  Like mood lighting many types of fairy lights now use LEDs instead of bulbs.  This means they are safe to hang anywhere, many even being battery powered.

There are LOTS of options for hanging fairy lights:

  • Wrapped around pillars or beams
  • Draped over railings or staircases
  • Hung from above as ceiling canopies
  • As a curtain backdrop behind the head table
  • Even placed inside glass vases as table decorations

From classy and elegant to vintage and shabby-chic, fairy lights fit in with all different types of wedding theme.  There are also some amazing alternatives to fairy lights such as festoon lights and lanterns.

Top tip!

The colour of the lights is probably the biggest deciding factor as the two main options are ‘warm white’ and ‘ice white’.  Both look amazing, and one may suit your theme better than the other.  However we would recommend sticking to one type and not mixing colours.

3. Moving heads

We wouldn’t expect most people to know what moving heads are, so prepare to be enlightened!…

Moving heads are a lighting fixture used by some wedding DJs during the evening entertainment, including ourselves.  The best way to describe them is like ‘moving spot lights’, that can also change colour, pattern and effect.

The main benefit of moving heads is that they are more flexible than most other disco lighting effects because they can be manually programmed.

Below are just a few ways in which moving head lights can be utilised, rather than just acting as “disco lights”.

  • To act as static spotlights on entrances/your wedding cake/the dance floor
  • Colours can be changed to match your wedding’s colour theme
  • They can be manually controlled to produce a light show in time with the music
  • And with the use of haze/fog the effect is intensified as the beams of light can be seen

They can be hung upside down from lighting stands but we prefer to place them on top of podiums, which we can also light up and change the colour of.

Moving head lights are a professional and versatile effect, and don’t even compare to some disco lighting that just produce a sea of red and green dots everywhere – which are really not great for photographs!

4. Customisable DJ booth (unique to JN Sounds)

More of a visual effect than a lighting effect, our customisable DJ booth can bring a unique element to your wedding. Just choose your design, choose your wording, and we’ll do the rest.

As we can light up the front panel of our DJ booth from behind it makes the text really stand out.  So it acts as a great central focal point for the dance floor!

5. Starlit Dance floors

There’s no doubting that starlit dance floors look amazing, they really do bring that wow factor to wedding receptions!

Again more of a visual effect than lighting effect, white dance floors are more popular for weddings but the black can look just as good in the right setting.

They are usually available in different sizes so it’s worth taking into account the size of your function room and the number of guests you’ll have before booking.  Your DJ or dance floor supplier should be able to help you with a recommendation of size.

6. Light up letters

Large light-up letters are another popular lighting effect trend and are becoming available in more and more styles, and even colours.  Popular choices of letters are “LOVE’ or initials such as ‘A&B’.

As well as giving off a nice lighting effect these letters a perfect for filling a empty apace or wall.  They also act as a great backdrop for photos.

If you would like any more information and advice on wedding lighting ideas please feel free to get in touch with us at info@jnsounds.com