Are you planning your wedding?

Are you putting off thinking about a certain ‘dance’?

Do you wish you didn’t have to do it at all?First off, you don’t have to do a first dance. It isn’t part of the wedding ceremony, you’ll already be married! It’s your day so do things how you want to do them.

However, it is quite a nice tradition to keep and is a great way to kick off the evening party. Plus your photographer will get some fantastic photos of you together. But if the thought of swaying around together for three minutes in front of everyone petrifies the life out of you then do not worry. There are plenty of alternatives that can keep the spotlight off you a bit and actually make the whole thing more fun!

Banner photo by Lee Allison Photography

Just have a first song

If you really don’t fancy doing a first dance but would like a ‘first song’ to kick off the party then do that. I recently had a couple who chose to do this. The song they chose was ‘Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams. After bringing all the guests in the evening function room I slammed in the song at full volume and that was it, the dance floor was full and the party was officially started!

Top tip: Confetti cannons are always awesome!

Alternative first dance ideas - Group dance

(Photo by Nicki Shea Photography)

Inviting your guests to join you half way through

This option is actually what most of my couples choose to go with. Rather than dancing the whole song alone, I invite guests to join you on the dance floor halfway through the song. This way it means there is enough time for your photographer to get some great shots of you together, but you’re only on your own for a minute and a half. Not that bad!

Alternative first dance ideas - Guests joining

Have a group/family dance

Another option that is quite popular is a family or group dance. If you have children, parents or other key people you’d like to join you then have them share that moment with you.

Alternative first dance ideas - Family dance

Have dance lessons

Some might consider the thought of dance lessons just as scary as the first dance itself! But having some dance lessons will certainly give you a lot more confidence before the day. And imagine pulling off an stunning, choreographed dance routine in front of everyone.

There are also two options to go down here; a more traditional dance routine, or one that is a bit more fun with some crazy moves involved! If this option sounds of interest then we do know a dance teacher we can recommend who specialises in first dance lessons.

Alternative first dance ideas - Dance routine

Flash mob!

Take dance lessons to the next level by getting others involved and creating something unforgettable! For those that don’t know a flash mob is a group of people who suddenly break into dance without others knowing. Cue your bridesmaids, groomsmen and whoever else is involved joining in. It’s likely dance lessons would be required to choreograph a routine, but once nailed the results will be amazing.

Alternative first dance ideas - Flash mob


Are your beloved pets (most likely dogs!) playing a part in your wedding? Why not involve them in your first dance to take the spotlight off you slightly, they won’t mind the attention! Obviously not for everyone, but for animal lovers it would certainly make for a unique first dance.

Dogs at weddings - Nicki Shea Photography

First Macarena!

Another idea that involves all your guests, getting them all dancing to a song that involves actions could be a lot of fun if you like that type of thing. Especially if alcohol has been flowing freely! And it doesn’t have to be the Macarena, how about a giant Conga line or a group Hokey Cokey?

Alternative first dance ideas - Party

Incorporate your hobbies

Do you have any hobbies or interests that you could incorporate into your first dance? Are you massive Star Wars fans and would like a lightsaber duel?! This is your chance to think outside the box and again create something unique. Your guests will likely know what you are into and will be excited to see what route your first dance takes.

I hope our alternative first dance ideas sparked some ideas of your own. But if you do decide to go for a traditional first dance just remember, it’s really not that bad! Everyone will be focused on you just being together for that moment, they won’t actually be worrying about whether you are dancing properly or not. They will just be enjoying the moment, watching you enjoy your moment.

If you’d like to discuss first dance ideas further with us please get in touch, I’d love to help!