We spoke to Bedfordshire bridal makeup artist, Michelle Nash

​Wedding makeup is something we unsurprisingly know absolutely nothing about. So we thought we’d add a bit of variety to our blog and go and find out!

We had a chat with Bedfordshire bridal makeup artist Michelle, owner of Michelle Nash Makeup, to find a bit more about the life of a popular wedding makeup artist.


‘Hi Michelle! Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?’

Thanks for having me! I’m Michelle Nash, a professional Makeup Artist based in Bedfordshire and I specialise in natural & contemporary bridal makeup. I’ve been a makeup artist for almost 9 years now, and have worked across lots of different areas from fashion to theatre. And for over 7 of those I have been training makeup artistry for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Tom Ford Beauty.

My passion for bridal makeup came during my time at Bobbi Brown as the brand collaborated with lots of big profile weddings and wedding events. I learnt all about the wedding industry through my experience with them. I love being part of such a special morning and making someone feel their best on their big day.

Wedding Makeup Artist Bedfordshire

(photo by Natalie Stevenson Photography)

‘What kind of style do you go for with your make up? Or does it vary between brides?’

For me, the most important part of my job is making sure that “you still feel like you” on your wedding day. Just the best version of you! I specialise in the natural look, but if brides usually wear something a little more glam then we can go for a bolder bridal look that still makes them feel like themselves.

I spend a lot of time with my brides in the build up to the wedding day to ensure we get the makeup just right. And I offer a trial run so that we can play around with different looks, take lots of photos so that they can look back at them a few days later to really decide which look makes them feel their best.

Michelle Nash Makeup - wedding makeup artist

(photo by Natalie Stevenson Photography)

‘What do you feel makes you stand out from other make up artists?’

I love to be part of the build up with my brides. With everything from skincare advice in the lead up to the day to choosing the perfect bridal lipstick that I give to my brides as a gift and memento of their wedding (it’s also the only thing that will need touching up throughout the day!).

It’s so important to me to be on hand during the countdown for any questions they might have and to provide tips and advice.

‘When you are discussing bridal make-up with your clients do things often crop up that brides might not have thought about?’

Yes! The one that crops up the most is how to get the balance right for the makeup looking good in real life but also standing out on camera. You have to get it just right, my three tips are:

  • Lots of mascara or lash extensions
  • a pop of pink of the cheeks
  • and a lipstick rather than just a gloss

These are the three areas that can get completely washed out on camera, so add extra for the day.

I’ve also become an expert at wedding morning timings. I’ve been a part of lots of different wedding mornings now, so I always offer a few tips to help the morning run smoothly and to make sure brides aren’t rushing into their dress and missing a glass of fizz and some photos with the girls!

Wedding makeup artist Bedfordshire | Michelle Nash

(photo by Natalie Stevenson Photography)

‘You must have a tonne of make up and brushes to cover all different types of skin types. What brands do you mainly use?’

Ahhh my makeup collection takes over a whole room in my house!! It’s full of all different kinds of palettes, lipsticks, skincare, glitter and brushes! In my bridal kit I use luxury, high-performing products (usually all waterproof!) to ensure your makeup will be photo-proof and more importantly, party proof until the early hours.

Some of the brands I use are, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, MAC, Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve also recently switched to using more sustainable hygiene products for my tools I only use once like cotton buds and mascara wands. I’m trying to keep my use of disposable plastics to a minimum.

Michelle Nash Makeup artist Bedfordshire

‘Are brides able to send you photos to show you what kind of look they are after?’

Absolutely! This part is really fun and it’s great to get brides looking on Pinterest and start pinning every makeup look they like the look of, and some that are also a bit out of their comfort zone! My brides often invite me into their boards on Pinterest so that I can get an idea of the look before the trial. This is what the trial is for so that we can play with a few looks from natural to bold.

And sometimes it’s fun to try something a little different to what they’re used to, just to see if they like it! It’s also really helpful to pin hair and dress ideas so that I can advise on what makeup will work with their other choices.

‘There are many bridal make-up artists out there to choose from, what advice would you give brides to help them choose the right one for their big day?’

Have a trial! It’s the only way to know if they are the right makeup artist for you. Your wedding morning is such a special and intimate part of your day, it’s so important to have someone there that feels right for you and who will make you feel and look amazing too!

Contemporary Wedding Makeup Bedfordshire

(photo by Becky Harley Photography)

‘A bride has chosen you to be their make-up artist for their wedding. What one tip would you give them to make them feel comfortable and confident in their wedding day make-up?’

Don’t hold back. If there’s something that you just want tweaking or changing slightly to make you feel more like you then your makeup artist will always be more than happy to adjust the look so you feel your best.

It’s one of the biggest days of your life so I always make sure that all my brides are 100% happy and feeling confident in their wedding makeup before I leave you to walk down the aisle!

A big thank you to Michelle for taking the time to answer questions, on a subject we had no clue about!

To find out more about Michelle and her awesome work visit Michelle Nash Makeup.

(banner photo by Becky Harley Photography)