How to choose your wedding breakfast music

Your wedding breakfast will be a key part of your big day. After the excitement of the ceremony it is a time to relax and celebrate, and what better way to do that than enjoy an amazing meal with your family and friends.
You have your table plan set, you have made your food choices, and you have chosen how much wine to put on the tables!
Now you have just one thing left to organise that will really set the mood for your wedding breakfast. The music.

Imagine a wedding breakfast without music…

The silence while guests come in to find their seat, the scraping of chairs, the clatter of cutlery as everyone eats. But above all, the lack of atmosphere.
The right music can really help set the scene, in matching with the type of atmosphere you want to create. It is also perfect for drawing people’s attention to key events, and for filling gaps of unnecessary silence.

Choosing the right music for your wedding breakfast

The wedding breakfast is the perfect opportunity to listen to music that you love that is perhaps more chilled and not suitable for the evening party.
It is down to personal taste what you choose. It can be quite fun to have a YouTube/Spotify brainstorming session and seeing what ideas you come up with! Below are a few ideas of the type of music we often play throughout wedding breakfasts:
  • Acoustic pop covers
  • Chill-out
  • Jazz
  • Acoustic/soft rock
  • Movie themes
  • Motown
  • Soul/RnB
If you are having a themed wedding then it is a great idea to go with music to match your theme.
Above all choose what will make you happy and means the most to you. But just remember you are setting the scene for all your guests too.

Tech talk

Don’t worry, it’s not really tech talk! But the speakers that your music will be playing out of is very important in creating a nice atmosphere, without the music having to be to be too loud.
A key question to ask yourself is ‘how will this music be provided?’…  The answer will usually be one of three, a DJ, a musician, or your venue.

The Venue

Talk to your venue about the type of sound system they provide. Do they have high quality, wall-mounted speakers?… Or do they have a small ghetto blaster in the corner of the room?…
It is also important to check what playback facilities they offer. Can you provide them with a phone/mp3 player?… Do they have reliable WiFi so you can connect a phone to your Spotify playlists?…


Some DJs, including ourselves, offer an additional wedding breakfast music service. The great benefit of this option is that you can discuss with your DJ the music you like and dislike, so then they can DJ for you live on the day the soundtrack to your wedding breakfast!
Most DJs offering this service will also be able act as hosts and provide microphones for speeches. We are usually able to set up the same equipment we would use for the evening, and then play music from the start of the wedding breakfast through to the end of the night without any interruptions.

Live music

Alternatively you could always go for live music instead of, or alongside, a DJ. There are lots of great musicians out there who can provide music throughout your wedding breakfast; acoustic guitarists, harpists, pianists, saxophonists, singers, even singing waiters, to name but a few. Be sure to speak with them to check they can provide the style of music and genres you’d like to hear.

Unique wedding breakfast music ideas

As wedding DJs who provide additional afternoon entertainment, we have a few other ways of incorporating music into your meal. With a bit of correctly timed music, proceedings like your entrance into the function room and the speeches suddenly become a lot more fun!
For more information on the unique things we can do with music throughout wedding breakfasts please get in touch