Planning your wedding music and need some inspiration?…
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Wow, we can’t believe it is 2018 already! Christmas now seems a lifetime away and there are already hints of spring and sun outside.

And as well as new year’s resolutions and diet plans, the new year is a perfect opportunity for wedding planning.

So our next few blog posts will really focus on areas that will help with your planning and run up to your big day.

Wedding Music Playlists

While this month’s post is going to be a brief one, music can play a huge part in a wedding day. As wedding DJs one of the main parts of our job is reading the crowd and playing songs to get everybody moving on the dance floor. However we always give couples the opportunity to send us a playlist and personalise their day with music they love.

JN Sounds on Spotify

So with that in mind, if you are in need of some wedding music playlist ideas then check out our playlists on Spotify!

Go to our Spotify playlists
(username: ‘jnsounds-gb’)

Our playlists consist of songs that we often play that we find work well at weddings and events. But also songs that we just love (that we’d play if we could!). Plus some more chilled music that may help with some ideas for background music earlier in your day.

We have tried to cover a variety of genres, and we will be continually adding more.


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For more information or assistance with ideas for wedding music playlist please get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.