5 wedding music theme ideas

As wedding DJs we get to play a large variety of music to all sorts of different people. And this is amazing and it’s why we love our job! At many weddings what we typically incorporate our couples’ playlist with other songs we think they and their guests will hit the dancefloor to. This is usually because it’s what our couple have asked for, along with catering for all age groups among their guests.

But what if…

  • You are seriously into a certain genre of music
  • Your guests are mostly the same age
  • You are having an actual themed wedding

If so then there may be the option to go crazy with a certain type of music to really make your wedding reception stand out and be one that will never be forgotten!

Some styles of music you might want to keep to the evening only, or others you might want to extend the theme into both your ceremony and wedding breakfast. And it isn’t just music that creates a theme. There’s also things like venue/table decor, clothing, props, and food to consider too.

Having a themed wedding may sound like a bit of a cheesy idea to some, but if you are considering something a bit different then you only have to take it as far as you want to, perhaps just with the music for a certain part of the day. This is where it is important to speak with your DJ so they get to understand your tastes and give you some ideas with regards to music and entertainment that will fit.

So with that all in mind here are our 5 wedding music theme ideas:


Music: Rock/indie, dance/electronic
Next level: Take it outside! Literally, create an actual festival in a tipi or marquee. Have a DJ/band line up. Give out wristbands, have smelly toilets (hmm maybe not that one!).
We say: There are just so many options for a festival style wedding, limited only by your imagination.


Music: From the 80s of course!
Next level: Go all out with some 80s decor? Maybe incorporate your favourite classic 80s films!
We say: The 80s was full of some amazing music of all genres, and we find it the perfect decade that seems to appeal to both young and old.

Ibiza/Nightclub style

Music: House, Garage, Club classics
Next level: Bring in a saxophone and bongo player to create that full on Ibiza style. And don’t forget the glow sticks!
We say: Perhaps best left for the evening only for a total change in theme, although you could consider some chillout music during the day.


Music: Movie themes
Next level: Little touches of decor, film props, popcorn machine for the evening – there are lots of options to give your day a bit of a cinema feel. And dare we say it, costumes!
We say: Probably more suited to the day time rather than evening (with much film music not being very dance-able), but a great way to create a unique day with a twist. A perfect opportunity to use film score music for things like introductions and your first dance!


Music: A sprinkling of Christmas favourites.
Next level: Along with a bit of Christmas music, decorations and little touches are key to making the most of this theme.
We say: If your wedding falls in December then it is almost a no brainer to up the festivities at your wedding. How far want to take it is up to you!

These are just a handful of wedding music theme ideas. If you are thinking of going for something a little bit different at your wedding and would like to have a chat please feel free to get in touch.